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About Us


My name is Todd, owner and founder of Core Terrain LLC. Our purpose is to design, manufacture, sell, and distribute digital (and ultimately physical) products to support the activities of table top gaming, scale modeling, and diorama construction.

"We" are a small (currently one-person!) design company, which is a product of my love for gaming and a need for a productive outlook for my creative ideas. I am an avid gamer of over three decades of experience, from roleplaying games to table top war games. As a veteran with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, understanding the importance of good terrain has been a professional curiosity for me as well. Blending my creativity, passion for gaming, and ability to visualize the battlefield seemed like a perfect combination, hence the formation of Core Terrain.

My personal interests include gaming (obviously), movies and music, spending time with my family, and supporting causes that are personally important to me, such as childhood cancer research and veterans issues. My aspiration is to make quality terrain, continuing to grow the products and services offered by Core Terrain and having fun along the way. I hope you join me and my family in this journey.