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If you have a question not answered here, please contact Todd for assistance.

Do you offer physical products?

At this time, Core Terrain is not offering printed versions of the files. We are currently only selling the .stl files for individuals to print their own terrain.

    Can I sell printed copies of Core Terrain designs?

    If you are interested in selling printed copies of our designs, please contact Todd for assistance. Without express permission, sale of printed terrain is forbidden by the terms of the End User License Agreement. Please read for more details on our policy for the use of the files.

    Can I share copies of the files with friends?

    Users must accept the terms of the End User License Agreement before purchase. This agreement prohibits distribution of the files, even with friends.

      What print settings should I use?

      Unless stated in the item description, we recommend printing all files with 0.2mm layer height, 2 perimeter walls, and 10% infil. Files with greater detail or domed surfaces may yield better results with a layer height of 0.1mm. If you are a beginner in 3D printing, it is always a good idea to perform torture test prints to check extrusion, flow rates, retraction, and bridging settings to find the optimal settings for the printer and materials you are using.

        What size print bed do I need?

        All files are designed to fit on 200mm x 200mm print bed. If your print bed is smaller, you may have to use your slicer program to cut the file for printing. All files are already oriented for proper printing.

          Are supports needed to print the files?

          All files have built-in supports if required and additional supports should not be required. If you experience stringing with overhangs, double-check the bridging settings on your slicer. Most times, the stringing can be corrected with a hobby knife and lighter to quickly melt the loose ends.

            What if a file has an error or bad mesh?

            If find any mesh errors or problems with slicing a file, please contact Todd for assistance. We will immediately review the file in question, address the problem, and post an update for all customers.

              What is your refund policy?

              Sorry, but we do not give refunds for stl files. If you have problems printing the files you can contact Todd for assistance and ask for help from other Core Terrain customers on our Facebook page.